About Us

About RiteAV®

RiteAV® provides a wide variety of cables and adapters aimed at both consumers and professionals. 

In March, 2013 RiteAV® became a division of Ultra Spec Cable Inc.  This merger has allowed RiteAV® to roll out new product lines that meet both the quality and price needs of our customers.  By combining the strengths of RiteAV® and Ultra Spec®, we can sell higher quality products at lower prices.


RiteAV Next™

RiteAV Next™ is a new line designed to deliver the highest quality Cat5e Ethernet, Cat6 Ethernet and Coax cable.  This new line has launched at a considerably lower price than our previous line of cables.  This is part of an ongoing effort to turn RiteAV® into a source for the most affordable, highest quality products available.


RiteAV Ultra™

RiteAV Ultra is a new line of professional products designed to provide professional level cables, adapters, and converters at consumer prices.  Initially launching with HD-SDI cables, this line is poised to grow into a comprehensive source for professional quality video and audio cables.


About Ultra Spec®

Ultra Spec Cable Inc has provided top quality products and services, specializing in fiber optic cable and audio/video cable, since 1992. 

  • RiteAV is a division of Ultra Spec Cable Inc that focuses on Audio/Video cables.
  • FiberCables.com is a division of Ultra Spec Cable Inc that focuses on fiber optic cables and accessories.