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Cat 6 D Series Heavy Duty Chassis Panel Mount Connector Pass Through Solderless Bulkhead Coupler, Black Metal Housing

Cat 6 D Series Heavy Duty Chassis Panel Mount Connector Pass Through Solderless Bulkhead Coupler, Black Metal Housing

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  • D Shaped Housing is universally compatible with standard hole spacing on D Series Panels and Wall Plates.
  • The durable construction prevents grounding issues since each coupler is isolated when installed in a panel or plate.
  • The ruggedized metal housing is corrosion-resistant and protects the connection from blunt force, heavy impact, and vibration.
  • Can be mounted from the front or rear of the panel/wall plate (mounting screws/nuts are not included).
  • Available in different finishes for simplified port identification when using multiple connections within one panel.
  • Perfect for custom A/V in-rack, in-floor, or in-wall installations
  • Easy to use and designed for maximum performance and dependability.


RiteAV’s D Series Chassis Panel Mount Couplers are universally compatible with the pre-punched holes on D Series rack panels and wall plates that can accommodate the D-style connector. The countersunk holes on the diagonal corners of the coupler align perfectly with the preconfigured holes on the panels and plates for a seamless fit and simple installation.

The feed-through design enables pre-terminated cables to plug into both sides of the coupler the same way. No soldering or additional tools are required; just plug and play. The single-body robust design provides a long service life for residential, industrial, and commercial-grade audio, video, and network connections. Bolts and nuts are sold separately and tethered dust caps are also available for purchase. 

This particular D Series Coupler has black metal housing (alternate colors are available) and accepts a Cat6 Terminated Cable on the front and back side of the coupler. The Cat6 Coupler features 50-micron gold-plated contacts which ensure clear transmission by eliminating signal loss typically caused by corrosion.

We offer a variety of D Series Couplers in an assortment of different styles, finishes, and configurations to suit all of your A/V requirements. Be sure to also check out our full line of pre-configured D Series Panels, Wall Plates, and accompanying cables.

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