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HDMI D Series Chassis Panel Mount Connector Pass Through Solderless Bulkhead Coupler, Silver Metal Housing/White HDMI

HDMI D Series Chassis Panel Mount Connector Pass Through Solderless Bulkhead Coupler, Silver Metal Housing/White HDMI

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  • D Shaped Housing is universally compatible to standard hole spacing on D Series Panels and Wall Plates.
  • The durable construction prevents grounding issues since each coupler is isolated when installed in a panel or plate.
  • Ruggedized metal housing is corrosion-resistant and protects the connection from blunt force, heavy impact and vibration.
  • Can be mounted from the front or rear of the panel/wall plate (mounting screws/nuts are not included).
  • Available in different finishes for simplified port identification when using multiple connections within one panel.
  • Perfect for custom A/V in-rack, in-floor or in-wall installations
  • Easy to use and designed for maximum performance and dependability.


RiteAV’s D Series Chassis Panel Mount Couplers are universally compatible to the pre-punched holes on D Series rack panels and wall plates that can accommodate the D style connector. The countersunk holes on the diagonal corners on the coupler align perfectly to the preconfigured holes on the panels and plates for a seamless fit and simple installation. The feed through design enables pre-terminated cables to plug into both sides of the coupler the same way. No soldering or additional tools are required; just plug and play. The single body robust design provides a long service life for residential, industrial and commercial-grade audio, video and network connections. Bolts and nuts are sold separately and tethered dust caps are also available for purchase. 

This particular D Series Coupler has a silver metal housing (alternate colors are available) and accepts an HDMI Cable on the front and back side of the coupler. The HDMI 2.0 Coupler supports supports 4K resolution at 60 FPS is backwards compatible to HDMI 1.3a, 1.3b, and 1.4. In addition to this model in which the cable would exit straight out the back of the coupler (180 degrees), we offer other models in which the cable exits up/down out of the back of the plate and also a model which has a integrated pigtail on the backside to accommodate situations where depth is a concern as since it allows the cable orientation to be manipulated rather than requiring 90/180 degree connections.

We offer a variety of D Series Couplers in an assortment of different styles, finishes and configurations to suit all of your A/V requirements. Be sure to also check out our full line of pre-configured D Series Panels, Wall Plates and accompanying cables.

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